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Sell Your Gold

Gold is selling at or near all-time record high prices — the highest in over 25 years. Now is the perfect time to turn your old gold into new jewelry or cash.

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Respected Jewelers,

Sound Advice

Pardon’s Jewelers has provided the Knoxville area with fine jewelry and sound advice for nearly 50 years.  We’re currently advising our friends and clients to check their drawers, closets, and safe deposit boxes for unneeded jewelry, coins and other items that can be traded in for new jewelry or converted to ready cash.

Pardon’s is big enough to offer attractive prices for your old gold, but small enough to handle each transaction personally.  It seems everyone is buying gold these days, but you have to be careful.  Don’t sell your gold online to someone you don’t know then have to wait for the results only to be disappointed.  Bring in your gold to Pardon’s and we will evaluate it on the spot and offer you top dollar trade amount or cash on the spot.  The Today Show did an investigative report on Gold Buying and the results were shocking.  The Today Show’s recommendation was to bring your gold to a local jeweler you trust.  You can read the full article here.

Hurry!  Gold pricing may never be better!
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