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Custom Design and Repair

Before the days of chain stores, the internet and Shop-at-Home, jewelry making was an art.  Each piece was crafted completely at the hand of talented artisans.  You can still experience the splendor of fine-crafted jewelry today at Pardon’s Jewelers.  From simple designs to the most intricate restoration of family heirlooms, Pardon’s craftsmanship is of the highest standards.

A custom designed piece of jewelry is an expression of the wearer’s passions, lifestyles, and tastes.  Creating such a piece requires close collaboration between you and the designer.  There are three critical elements required to create custom jewelry:

• An imaginative, personal design.

• Beautiful diamonds or gemstones.

• Uncompromising craftsmanship.


Pardon’s designers have the expertise to make sure these three elements come together so the end result will exceed your every expectation.

The craftsmen at Pardon’s can handle any jewelry repair you may need.  From ring sizing to re-mounting, prong repair, chain repair and more.  We also repair watches and install new watch batteries and bands.  All repair work is done on the premises.

We suggest you bring in your jewelry from time to time to have the mountings checked, and to have it professionally cleaned and polished to restore its original luster and sparkle.

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